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DIY Mother’s Day Medallion Pin

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Create a special paper medallion pin to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day paper medallion pin with the words "Happy Mother's Day" on it.

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For Mother’s Day this year, celebrate someone special by making them a sweet handmade medallion pin! Medallion pins are a fun and inexpensive gift that really make the recipient feel special and loved! 

Create these pins using any combination of pretty paper and ribbons. I used a fun sheet of floral paper along with coordinating solid-colored paper and ribbons. You can skip the ribbons altogether and create the entire thing from paper. My favorite part is the customized saying on the top of the pin. You can download the free printable I created with decorative tags. They feature a bunch of different sayings and titles so that no matter who you are celebrating this Mother’s Day they can feel special! 

Mother's Day paper medallion pins lay on a table with lots of different labels laying around them.

Paper medallion pin with the words "Honorary Mom" written on it.

Paper medallion pins lay next to colored paper and a sheet of titles and a white scissors.

Tutorial for Mother’s Day Medallion Pin

This craft tutorial has been updated with new pictures and a free file :) 

Supplies Needed:

  • Decorative Tags – info on my free file location at the end of this post.
  • Decorative Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Pin back
  • Hot glue gun
  • *optional – Tape runner or double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scoring board and stylus 

Supplies for making the paper medallions lay on a white surface including paper and ribbon.Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Download and print the free decorative tags or create your own. You can also use stickers, stamps or decorative paper. Cut out the decorative tag you want to use for your medallion. Use it to trace and cut out 3-4 circles from cardstock. 

Circles with sayings lay on a black cutting mat with a pink scissors.

A piece of yellow paper with a round label laying on it to be traced with a pencil laying next to it.

Step Two: Create the large and small paper medallions.

Start by cutting strips of paper to create the medallion. The larger medallion is made from 2″ wide strips of paper. I used two strips that were 12″ long. The smaller medallion is made from 1.25″ strips of paper. I used two strips that were 6″ long.

A paper trimmer trims floral paper into strips.

Score the strips of paper. Score the large medallion every 1/2″ and the small medallion every 1/4″.

Large medallion scored on a gray scoring board.

Small yellow piece of paper scored on a gray scoring board.

Accordion fold the paper strips along each scored fold line.

Strips of accordion folded paper lay on a table. One is larger and floral, the other is smaller and yellow.

Connect the paper strips into a circle. I used double-sided tape to connect them, but you could also use hot glue, to connect the two ends.  Each pin needs a large and small medallion. In the picture below you can see my medallions for two pins. 

Tubes of accordion folded strips of paper lay on a white table.

Use one of the circles you cut out in Step One for each paper medallion. Place a blob of hot glue on the center of the circle, then push one of the paper medallions onto it. Hold it for a minute to set. Repeat for the second medallion. 

A glue gun is putting hot glue on a yellow paper circle on a black cutting mat.

A finger presses down on the center of a paper medallion.

Paper rosettes lay on a white surface.

STEP Three: Create the ribbon medallion! I made one medallion pin with a ribbon layer and the other without, you can make them either way! If you’d like to add a ribbon layer, you’ll need the third paper circle from Step One and two sizes of ribbon. For my pin I used 5 pieces of 7/8″ ribbon (cut 2.5″ long) and 5 pieces of 3/8″ ribbon (cut 3″ long).Ruler, ribbon and a paper circle lay on a table.

Use hot glue carefully to place the ends of the larger ribbon around the paper circle. I let the hot glue cool slightly before pressing the ribbon down or if you have finger covers this would be a great time to use them! 

Five piece of pink ribbon are glued to a circle.

Next, create loops by glue the other end on top of the first. 

Five pieces of ribbon are made into loops on a paper circle.

Repeat with the smaller ribbon. If you want to create the same type of loop, flip the end over when you glue the second end down on top of the first.

A ribbon rosette with pink and white ribbon loops.

Step Four: Stack the medallion layers together!  Start with the large medallion on the bottom, next is the ribbon medallion is you are including it, then the small medallion and then finally the decorative tag on top! 

The pieces for the medallion lay on a white surface.

Mother's Day medallion is being assembled.

Mother's Day paper pin medallion is assembled and sitting on a white surface.

Step Five: Attach the ribbon ends. You can use ribbon or paper to create the pieces that hang down from the medallions. Cut the ends on a diagonal or in a V and layer multiple pieces of ribbon or paper. Glue to the back of the large medallion. You can glue the ribbon to a fourth paper circle to make it easier to handle and create a more finished look from the back of the pin!

Ribbon lays on a black self-healing cutting mat with a glue gun.

Step Six: Finally add a pin back to the back of the medallion and it is finished!!

Mother's Day medallion lays next to a pin bar.

The Mother’s Day Medallion Pin is finished and ready to be gifted. I love the variety and personalization you can put into this gift and it makes such a beautiful keepsake! I hope the freebie tags help but also feel free to create your own using any message you want! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms, grandmas and people who fill the mother role in your life! 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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