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DIY Vintage Clown Pumpkins – Decorating with Paper and Paint!


Decorate pumpkins with paper and paint to look like spooky vintage clowns!
Three pumpkins decorated to look like vintage clowns.

Hello! It has been a while since I have carved pumpkins so I decided to decorate some fake ones this year instead. I love how my DIY Vintage Clown Pumpkins turned out! The best part – I only paint and paper!

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 I opted to buy fake white pumpkins I can reuse year to year and painted them instead! I purposefully kept my painted design to just one side of the pumpkin so I can re-use the other side of the pumpkins for Thanksgiving decorations!

I purchased three white pumpkins on sale for just $5 each at Michael’s craft store. I have tons of circus research saved from a project I did years ago, so I thought making vintage clowns would be fun!

Vintage Clown Pumpkins, materials needed

Materials Needed for DIY Vintage Clown Pumpkins:

  • Pumpkins! Fake or real
  • Paint (I used acrylic paint)
  • Paper – different colors and patterns
  • Buttons
  • Yarn
  • Scissors, tape, glue gun
  • Fabric trim

The Process

I created the clown pumpkin accessories out of paper – it was economical and works with the vintage feel I was going for.  I made things up as I went trying to figure out new ways to manipulate the paper to look like ruffs and bows.  For the hats I cut a half circle and wrapped them up, using tape to secure them.  I added yarn pom-pons to the top and buttons down the front. Pleating a thin strip of paper worked well to add to the bottom of the hat using a glue gun.

Clown Pumpkins 10

For the ruffs I tried a couple different things – folding the fabric into accordion pleats and also cutting into small pieces and looping it.  I used tape wherever I knew it wouldn’t be seen.

Vintage Clown Pumpkin

Vintage Clown Pumpkin

Once I had the paper accessories created, I painted clown faces on the front of the pumpkins using my orange and black paints.  I did not attach any of my paper accessories to the pumpkins since I want to reuse the pumpkins in a different capacity, but you could hot-glue them on so they don’t move if knocked.

Vintage clown pumpkin sitting on an upside down pot.

Vintage clown pumpkin with paper hat and paper ruff.Cute vintage halloween clown pumpkin.

Three pumpkins decorated to look like vintage clowns.

Happy Halloween!!! 


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